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Scott, Parent of a College-Bound Player

“But seriously Gavin… from an early age, Will always said he wanted to play D1 soccer in college. But it was during his time with you that he really started to believe that he could do it… and accomplish it. Not just the practices and the games and the skills… but also the conversations you had with the boys, about expectations and maturity, and self motivation, and leadership, and expectations when stepping onto the pitch. That was when it all came together for him internally. That was when the drive really hit. As parents, we are obviously proud of him, and the work and time he put in over the years. But we are equally thankful for coaches such as yourself, that understood there was more to it than simply results at the early age. That it was also about continued development, mentally, emotionally, physically along with the skill set. So we are also very thankful for the role you played in Will’s development as a young man. And I just wanted to make sure that I took the time to let you know of his development, and the role you have played.”


Greg, Parent of SRA Creativity Camp Participants

“Coach Gavin;

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know what a WONDERFUL time my two boys had at your camp this week. I have never seen them so excited to go play soccer every day. I can only guess it was because you made it fun for them and the rest of the campers. They would come home from camp every day and tell me all about the cool moves they did.

Keep up the great job and we’ll see you at the pitch.




Gary Allen,
Former VYSA Director of Coaching Education and a Hall of Fame Coach

“First of all, I want to speak about Gavin Stevens. I have the opportunity to have my son play for any coach in Northern Virginia (assuming, of course, his abilities are commensurate with the team and division), and, after careful consideration, both he and I chose to be affiliated with the Springfield Gladiators, primarily because of Gavin. I have seen Gavin work in numerous situations, from the VYSA Academy Program, as a candidate in a C Course I instructed, and, on a more continual basis, with the Gladiators. He is not only an excellent technical coach, constantly seeking to increase his knowledge, but also consistently insists that the players focus on character and values. He goes above and beyond to make sure the players have a well-rounded perspective and is a role model with whom I am proud to associate my son.
Gary Allen”


Derek Furbank, Manager

“Having worked with Coach Richard Tacaraya as our trainer for several seasons, I can honestly say his unique blend of technical knowledge and personal style develops players to reach their full potential. Not only is he an extremely qualified coach, but his experience with youth soccer enables him to tailor his training to challenge players of all ages and abilities. His motivational style brings out the best in these young players. He demands effort, focus and commitment from his players and they readily respond. Players enjoy his sessions and come away having learned something new about the game. He has just come on board as full time coach to address game play and team building issues and has already made an impact.

Derek Furbank
Assistant Coach & Manager
SYC Surge ’96 White U13 Boys


Tamir Linhart,
President of Golden Boot Soccer, GMU Hall of Fame

“To whom it may concern:

I have known Mr. Gavin Stevens for the past 10 years. During this time, Gavin has been working with me a soccer trainer and coach. He has been heading our summer camps, winter programs and club development programs. He also worked with several of our travel teams as a trainer and as a head coach.

Gavin Stevens is a terrific coach and one of the best professionals I have seen in the past decade. He is a knowledgeable, reliable, talented, and enthusiastic and has a great ability to relate to youth players. However, Gavin’s main strength is his character and personality. He is warm, passionate, friendly, honest and trustworthy. He carries himself with dignity, respect and has strong moral ethics. Over the years, Gavin had many opportunities to peruse other business options but he was always willing to give them up just to stay loyal to me and to our mutual commitments.

I have been following Gavin’s coaching career for years and saw him develop as a coach and grow as a person. I am impressed over and over again by the way young players look up to him and admire him. He serves as role model for players in all ages. I am constantly receiving requests from parents who are interested in Gavin as a trainer or coach. Parents trust him because of his coaching abilities but mainly because of his character and the way he treats their kids.

I feel fortunate to have known Gavin and to be associated with him on a professional and personal level.


Tamir Linhart”

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