Gavin Stevens

Gavin Stevens was born and raised in Burke, Virginia. He grew up competing in D1 NCSL soccer and multiple VA State Cup championships. Gavin went on to compete for the VA Kickers (A-League/USISL) 1997-1999 and for George Mason University (D1 NCAA) 1999-2001 before graduating with Highest Distinction as an All-American Student-Athlete in May, 2001. Gavin went on to achieve an MA in Organizational Psychology from GMU while applying his experience and knowledge to coaching and developing elite soccer training organizations in the Northern Virginia region.

“First of all, I want to speak about Gavin Stevens. I have the opportunity to have my son play for any coach in Northern Virginia (assuming, of course, his abilities are commensurate with the team and division), and, after careful consideration, both he and I chose to be affiliated with the Springfield Gladiators, primarily because of Gavin. I have seen Gavin work in numerous situations, from the VYSA Academy Program, as a candidate in a C Course I instructed, and, on a more continual basis, with the Gladiators. He is not only an excellent technical coach, constantly seeking to increase his knowledge, but also consistently insists that the players focus on character and values. He goes above and beyond to make sure the players have a well-rounded perspective and is a role model with whom I am proud to associate my son.”

-Gary Allen
Gary Allen Provides Coaching Licenses (A-D) for United States Soccer Federation (USSF)

* B.S. with Highest Distinction in Psychology, George Mason University, 2001
* M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, George Mason University, 2004

* ABTF Coaching License (CBF and UEFA-approved Brazilian National “A” Coaching License), 2004
* USSF National “B” License, 2012
* Tahuichi Academy Diploma (Bolivia), 1999-2000
* NSCAA State and Regional Youth Licensing, 2005-2007
* VHSL Coaching Education Diploma, 2006


* Director/Owner, Soccer Revolution Academy, April 2010-Present
* Director/Owner, Brazilian Touch Soccer Academy, 2007-2010
* Head Coach, VYSA ODP Academy, 2006-Present
* Head/Assistant Coach, VYSA ODP District and State, 2006-Present
* Head Coach, West Potomac High School Boys Varsity Soccer, 2006-2007
* Technical Director, Golden Boot Soccer, 2001-2008
* Counselor, Family Preservation Services, 2001-2004/2006-2007

* VISTA Pheonix 78′ (NCSL D1), 1995-1996
* Washington College Academy, TN, 1996-1997
* VA Kickers (A-League/USISL), 1997-1999
* Two-time graduate of the Tahuichi Academy in Bolivia, 1999-2000
* George Mason University (NCAA D1), 1999-2001

* Captain and MVP of Washington College Academy (League Champions), 1996-1997
* VA Kickers starter (A-League, USISL and collegiate competition), 1997-1999
* George Mason University starter (NCAA D1), 1999-2001
* Hofstra Men’s Soccer Umbro Invitational MVP, 2001
* Co-led GMU in assists in 2001
* Verizon Student-Athlete All-American, 2001
* 1999, 2000, and 2001 CAA Scholar Athlete
* Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities, 2000-2001
* GMU Outstanding Senior Award, 2001 (One of two such awards in entire graduating class.)
* Graduated with “Highest Distinction” honors from GMU in 2001
* B.S. in Psychology with 4.0 GPA
* M.A. in I/O Psychology from GMU, 2004 (Ranked Top 10 in the Nation by U.S. News and World Report)
* Who’s Who Among Teachers in America (2006/2007)
* US Youth Soccer Coach of the Month, April 2008


Gordon Bradley
* Head coach of New York Cosmos: 1972-1977.
* Head coach of George Mason University: 1985 -2000.
* US Soccer Hall of Fame 1996 & GMU Hall of Fame 2006.

Fran O’Leary:
* Native of Dublin, Ireland
* Head coach of Dartmouth from 1993-2000.
* Head coach of George Mason University from 2001-2004.

Ciro Medrano:
* Director of Coaching, Tahuichi Academy (Bolivia)

Gavin Stevens has traveled around the world and at home in the USA coaching and competing in the beautiful game. Here’s what his coaches, colleagues, parents, and players have to say about him:

Ricky Cole, Dickinson College

“I have trained with Gavin Stevens both individually and with my team over the past four years. He always brings a positive attitude and passion to his work. He always pushes his players to be the best they can be. He has helped me grow much as a player and is one of the main reasons I have been able to play at the college level. I appreciate all he has done for me and look forward to working with him more in the future.”


Kevin Mitchell, Player

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and done for the team. You taught us not only about the beautiful game that we love and play, but more importantly, about life. I think that’s what this culture forgets now a days and you never lost sight of the big picture. You didn’t let the American culture of soccer influence the way you coach the game. You always told us, soccer isn’t about the results, it’s about the development. That has stuck with all of us and I personally wanted to thank you.”


Mike Keppler, Parent

“Hi Gavin, I just wanted to say again what a fantastic influence you’ve been personally and on the field for Christian. I see it in the crucial moments where his character shows through… You’ve made a difference in the life of another young man and, I believe, that is the best gift that can be given by anyone.”


Tamir Linhart,
President of Golden Boot Soccer

“To whom it may concern:

I have known Mr. Gavin Stevens for the past 10 years. During this time, Gavin has been working with me a soccer trainer and coach. He has been heading our summer camps, winter programs and club development programs. He also worked with several of our travel teams as a trainer and as a head coach.

Gavin Stevens is a terrific coach and one of the best professionals I have seen in the past decade. He is a knowledgeable, reliable, talented, and enthusiastic and has a great ability to relate to youth players. However, Gavin’s main strength is his character and personality. He is warm, passionate, friendly, honest and trustworthy. He carries himself with dignity, respect and has strong moral ethics. Over the years, Gavin had many opportunities to peruse other business options but he was always willing to give them up just to stay loyal to me and to our mutual commitments.

I have been following Gavin’s coaching career for years and saw him develop as a coach and grow as a person. I am impressed over and over again by the way young players look up to him and admire him. He serves as role model for players in all ages. I am constantly receiving requests from parents who are interested in Gavin as a trainer or coach. Parents trust him because of his coaching abilities but mainly because of his character and the way he treats their kids.

I feel fortunate to have known Gavin and to be associated with him on a professional and personal level.


Tamir Linhart”


Tim Kelley- Parent Manager

“Ladies and Gentlemen:

At this time I write to provide clear reference to the character, human qualities, and abilities of Gavin Stevens. To this end I note:

Gavin has coached and/or trained the SYC Titans for the last 22 months and during this time he has displayed outstanding character and human qualities in front of our players, parents, and officials during training, soccer matches, and social events.

Gavin routinely addresses our boys not just as players but as human beings that have feelings, in need of nurturing, and compassion as he goes about the business of development of their character and soccer skills.

Gavin routinely makes decisions in support of players where another coach would have made an entirely opposite decision; to go for the win, or go for the throat, or play an injured player none of which Gavin has done or would do – I know 1st hand as I am at each practice session and game.

Gavin constantly stresses to our boys, character, self-leadership, personal responsibility, and development at each session and game.

In my over 20 years of coaching youth, college, and adult competitors within the military, campus,’ and the local area and additionally my 10 years competing internationally, I have yet to encounter the level of commitment Gavin gives to the Titans soccer team. His professionalism, character, and humaneness are well above any coach I have been associated with.

Tim Kelley”

Conner Alexaner, Player
Brazilian Touch Soccer Tour 2008

Hey Gavin,

I would like to tell you the your trip has honestly made a major impact in my life. Going there i just messed around and the soccer was fun but our team wasnt very serious so i didnt think anything of it except a vacation. But when i arrived at my house afterwards the only thing on my mind was soccer. Now that I’ve seen other players in other countries, such as 12 year old kids that tie us I’ve realized if i want to go anywhere with soccer i have to actually try and that it wont come to me. Thanks to you i study soccer every night, i watch games, i juggle, i run, i work out, i do anything i can to become a better player.

Connor Alexaner

Mike Veccheitti – Parent

“Gavin has been an exceptional role model for our son, as well as a fair and approachable coach. He is very knowledgeable about soccer play and strategy, team building, as well as emphasizing conditioning. He has gone out of his way to spend time with players off the field, for example, organizing a team trip to a DC United game. Gavin treats the players like the young men that they are. He speaks to them in a reasonable tone of voice, and provides insights into his coaching philosophy and thinking. He challenges each player in his area of weakness. Prior coaches did a great job yelling at players and treating them like a soccer commodity, a trend in youth soccer that is wrong-headed and damaging to children. We can offer only praise in terms of how he relates to the players, and particularly our son. Indeed, Gavin focuses on the entire person, including the academic performance of his players. Our son has struggled academically this year, and Gavin has been a positive influence on John by encouraging him with his studies. We appreciate the opportunity to express our belief in the high quality person, Gavin Stevens.

Mike Veccheitti”


Heather Ripley – Parent

“We are writing you today on behalf of SYC Gladiator Coach, Gavin Stevens. Gavin is an amazing coach who always stresses the positive to his players and demands the top level of sportsmanship. He is kind, attentive and generous with his time. Gavin is a supportive coach and has never been a “sideline screamer” in any sense of the word. Instead, he teaches our children by example and by lifting them up with positive coaching. His words and actions are that of the utmost professional and there has never been a time when we have felt our son was not in the most capable hands.

Gavin is an amazing mentor to our son, Brian. He goes above and beyond to make sure his players have what they need to succeed in life. Gavin has taken extra time to counsel our son on the importance of an education, to give him valuable feedback on how to improve his skills on the pitch and most importantly, he has been a great role model both on the field and off. We have seen our son grow into a wonderful and confident young man through his time with Gavin. His skills and attitude have improved immensely through Gavin’s guidance.”


Scott Kearns – Parent Manager

“Gavin, the experience for Shea this season was beyond expectation. The learning for him has been so positive which makes it that much easier for me to talk of your coaching and guidance to others.

Scott Kearns
Titans Manager”


Sam Kelaher – Player, VISTA Pheonix

“You have been an incredible trainer, and a very good role model for my teammates, myself, and I am sure countless others as well.”


VYSA Academy Administrator

The response from the parents have been overwhelmingly positive with the Academy this year. Gavin Stevens won much praise from the parents last season… The majority (if not all) of the 98 players from VA Highlands have indicated that they will attend ODP tryouts this summer.

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