Coach Corner

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Welcome to the SRA Coaches Resources Section. Here you will find various articles and forms available for download and use. To download, simply click the icon next to its description. If you have any questions or need help with this section please contact us at [email protected]. Enjoy, and always stay open to growth!

US Soccer Player Development Guidelines

Excerpt: “1) The scope of coaching education in the United States is as large as the country itself. As our society is woven with the threads of many cultures, so is our soccer the product of the styles and experiences of the many diverse communities across the country.While this presents us with a set of challenges that are unique to the United States, this diversity also helps to continually breathe life into our soccer community. It is against this backdrop that U.S. Soccer approaches its responsibility for helping to prepare coaches to bring the game of soccer to our young players..”

US Youth Soccer Vision Document

Excerpt: “Indeed how do we measure player development? Too often in America a professional sport model is used in measuring youth sports success. Youth soccer is not immune to this misapplied standard. For soccer the situation is made worse by a desire of many adults to use measuring tools from other sports. In fact it is maddening to many adults that soccer is not as black and white as with some sports in judging successful play…….”

“Coaching From the Game” – by GaryAllen

Excerpt: “Effective coaching requires at least three components. First, coaches must be students of the game. They have to spend the time required to learn to read the game, and to be able to recognize situations as they arise in the flow of play. Second, they must also be able to create training environments that replicate the game and encourage players to better understand the principles of the game…….”

Making Soccer Savvy Players Through Guided Discovery

Excerpt: “The first coaching method that engages the player in discovery is called guided discovery. The essence of this method is a particular coach-player relationship in which the coach’s sequence of questions brings about a corresponding set of responses by the player. Each question by the coach elicits a single correct response discovered by the
player. The cumulative effect of this sequence, a converging process, leads the player to discover the sought tactical concept, principle of play or technical idea. The specific process has the following set of objectives:……”

SRA Character Code of Conduct

Excerpt: “1) Full Responsibility – This means taking responsibility for your own actions. Whatever happens, you are in control of your own actions and responsible for the consequences, both good and bad. We don’t play the blame game on this team. 2) Selflessness – One selfish individual can ruin an entire team. We must all
understand that every individual’s personal success depends highly on……”

Mental Toughness

Excerpt: “The same way the body gains endurance, speed, strength, and skill (physical ability) through hard and persistent physical training, the mind gains determination, awareness, decision-making ability, and emotional self-discipline through “exercising” the mind – by learning and practicing a state of mind that is focused and conducive
to winning. Knowledge is the key. One cannot better a problem that……”

SRA Sample 10-Week Technical Training Plan

Technical Warmup, 20mins (entire group together) – Demonstrate all different kinds of dribbling moves with both feet. Coerver, fast footwork, juggling. Each player with their own ball performing moves. Key Points:
Change of Direction. Change….”

SRA Mental Toolkit

Following are some very useful mental tools for coaches and players. There are five very basic tools often referred to in sports psychology that athletes can use to achieve a mental edge.


“A soccer revolution is occuring with the next generation of players in the United States. More of our youth are playing the beautiful game than ever before. SRA has been formed in response to this revolution in order to improve player development in our country.”

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