About SRA

A soccer revolution is underway in our great country. More of our youth are playing the beautiful game than ever before. SRA was formed in response to this revolution to help facilitate proper player and person development through public education, private training, team training, club consultation and organizational development.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about us including background information and testimonials about our diverse staff both past and present with whom our affiliation and mutual support remains.

SRA also offers free educational resources for coaches and players in our resources section. We will be adding more articles and other educational resources targeting critical areas of improvement moving forward. We are making progress, but we still have a long way to go with a more informed soccer culture at the youth level of play.

No matter what your developmental needs in soccer may be — both on and off the pitch — SRA can help.

-Gavin Stevens

A Soccer Revolution is occurring with the growth of the next generation of players in the United States. SRA aims to accelerate this revolution by meeting the following goals that are critical for improving player development in our great country:

  1. Build character through the game by teaching the importance of discipline, work ethic, commitment, teamwork, personal responsibility and humility as necessary ingredients for continual growth both on and off the pitch.
  2. Encourage proper long-term youth player development by focusing more on individual ball mastery and a purposeful style of play before wins and losses.

  3. Instill a passion for soccer in young players by sharing our passion for the game in everything we do as professionals.
  4. Practice a coaching style that facilitates confidence and creativity on the ball through player-centered guided discovery and encourage the freedom to try new ideas without fear of mistakes. 

  5. Incorporate and develop the best soccer techniques and tactics from around the world by constantly seeking out contemporary coaching principles and integrating the best of the world’s game on the pitch. Formal USSF coaching education is a start, but by no means exhaustive. 

  6. Establish more pride in U.S. Soccer by embracing our strength in diversity. We want our youth to dream of wearing the red, white and blue logo over their heart.

  7. Teach the beautiful game with an attacking-minded, possession-oriented style of play that is purposeful and less predictable on the ball while maintaining a balance with disciplined defending.

  8. Minimize “pay to play” for low-income families in honest need and provide more opportunities for every youth player to gain access to quality coaching. We should take more pride in maximizing player and person development at the youth level in our country, not profit.

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