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The U.S. Soccer Revolution continues to grow! More of our citizens are playing the beautiful game than ever before in our nation’s history.

Most of us play for the simple joy and sense of community the game offers us regardless of ability, age, gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or any other category one is able to conceive. Soccer does not discriminate. It is a common language that encourages a more perfect union between many diverse communities across our great nation, just as it continues to unite our world in many ways. Soccer/futebol/futbol/football/calcio/etc. is truly a common language. The lessons of life and character remain its most important gift to humanity.

As our culture continues to embrace and grow with the world’s game through more diversity, openness, and understanding, a deeper sense of pride in our identity as a soccer nation is also emerging. And with that identity comes a mindset of belief, purpose, pride, confidence, conviction, passion, desire, etc. — call it the self-fulfilling mindset of a champion — that is grabbing a much stronger foothold at the grassroots level of play.

For example, our youth are playing more pickup games on their own, which we have long known as professionals is one of the most important factors in advancing U.S. Soccer as it relates to problem-solving and creativity on the ball. More young players are also exposed to the international stage on television to learn from world-class professional players who they are now able to look up to and emulate as heroes.

More experienced U.S. coaches are also helping to accelerate the soccer revolution by seeking more constant professional growth, practicing a more player-centered style of teaching versus coach-centered, and educating parents about long-term individual player development needs. Young professionals are contributing a wealth of new ideas both from home and abroad to incorporate the best coaching and training principles from around the world. Such revolutionary thinking challenges the conventional wisdom and pushes us to grow beyond inflexible or indoctrinated ideals. More professionals also acknowledge the need to shift away from a focus on team status or rankings at the youth level and to focus more on individual ball mastery. It is the latter that is a prerequisite for a more purposeful and attractive style of play at the professional level when score lines and status matter much more.

Finally, although still in its infancy, our current professional league shows promise in terms of sustainability to inspire our youth. Once MLS and/or USSF leadership begins to invest more in developing elite youth talent, the revolution will grow exponentially. Additionally, it would serve to eliminate “pay to play” and provide equal opportunity for elite youth players to develop properly regardless of socioeconomic status. This is not just an ethical obligation in the eyes of SRA, but critical to our nation’s future success.

These are only a few examples of how the soccer revolution is growing and will continue to grow. Our progress is reason to be optimistic. SRA remains dedicated to a positive vision for the advancement of U.S. Soccer. With a positive outlook that is solution-focused and a deeper sense of pride in our identity as a soccer nation, our future looks very bright.

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“A soccer revolution is occuring with the next generation of players in the United States. More of our youth are playing the beautiful game than ever before. SRA has been formed in response to this revolution in order to improve player development in our country.”